The Seven Messages from the Master contain over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus
as recorded in the red letter edition of the New King James Bible,
organized by subject.

Without added interpretations, commentaries or
opinions. Only the simple and profound words of Jesus.

  • - Helen Cook, Owner of PrimeStar Publicity and Public Relation

    As a person with over 20 years

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    As a Christian I recognized the need for this one-of-a- kind book and I consider it an honor and a privilege to have exclusive publicity for WDJS and all related and upcoming products.

  • - Igniting A Nation: Rabbi Eric Walker

    *Rev. Christian has established

    an inarguable compelling case of evidence supporting the Seven Messages from the Master. I get 1000’s of books sent to me each year and we do 3 live book interviews Monday thru Friday, over 700 a year and I can say this book is ‘different’. This book is an extraordinary simple approach to an extraordinary complex topic, but yet builds the case, proves the point, and establishes clearly, in the Seven Messages that Jesus is the Messiah

  • - Pastor BobThibodeau Kingdom Crossroads

    *What Did Jesus Say is a ’marvelous book’

    with great content, and I’m really impressed with how Rev. Terry Christian organized his book. There’s a lot of good information in this one-of-a kind book. I encourage every Christian to get 2 copies, one for themselves and another one to give away, its pure, containing only the Words from Jesus without added opinions:

  • - Kingdom Expansion: Worldwide Book

    This book is unique.

    Never before, has a book been compiled, giving the words of Jesus as He spoke in the Bible. -Presented as a full color and beautifully illustrated e-book or paperback version with large, easy to read text, this book makes a perfect gift for anyone wanting to know Jesus and what He said. It’s
    nothing short of phenomenal and will impact your life as you become more like Jesus.

  •  - Dr. KeithaStory-Stephenson

    *I want to thank you.

    for such an Informative and Powerful interview! It was an honor to be with you today and I can see God was the Author of
    your book and you were ‘simply’ His Pen:

  • - USA

    *I’ve read the Bible in a year

    studied the New Testament and Revelations in a small group, but
    What Did Jesus Say helped me understand what having a personal relationship
    with Jesus truly means”.

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