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The Story, About Us

A 20-year over night success

The overnight success of The Book, “What Did Jesus Say”… encompasses a journey of practically 20 years. Half of these where the author, Mr. Terry Allan Christian, suffered life threatening cancer and a stream of other complications and setbacks.

Eventually, his process included extinguishing all of his resources and his livelihood would come down to a discipline of endurance.

Terry’s life had become a modern-day old testament JOB experience.  A spiritual test of actually owning his belief, as his only hope for survival came from actually applying and living the words of What Did Jesus Say…

The magnitude of concerns naturally developed into an exhausting mental exercise with a  remedy of contentment, and adapted to resting in scripture, praying and fasting. 

Emotionally his energy was reinstated by his opportunity of helping the local Jamaican community and within his online ministry entrusting that all of his needs would be timely met.

Tiredly, Terry’s life was eroding and substantially the memories of life experiences and the mental pain wondering if this was how it was supposed to end?

His choices were simple; he could quit, then accept the gratification that at least he had self-published the book and a CD, then fade into life’s society with a moral victory. Or, to keep searching for the missing ingredient, the person who could walk along-side with the ability to understand his painful commitment and vision?

Obviously, he chose hoping to finding someone as quitting was not an option. But where would he find such a person who had a combination of the spiritual grounding, business acumen, creative design proficiency, but most importantly had lived a similar journey so they could pair life experiences. Tony Reeves, Reverend Terry’s media assistant suggested he become a guest on the Sound Behavior Podcast, “How Celebrities Are Born” with Host Don Crosby.Terry’s interview with Don was March 16, 2021, and who knew that this 45-minute podcast discussion was the start of a two new beginning. 

A destiny they had both dreamed of and yet came together obviously by divine appointment. Three months (90 days) later during a week-long experience with the Crosby’s at their home in Charlotte, North Carolina, Terry and Don became acquainted and melded a vision. The concept was basically Don would assume the entire project from Terry to take this one-of-a-kind book to new levels of achievement.

The agreed direction was not about religion, but revitalizing the spiritual faith of people world-wide enlightening all faiths in unity, sharing by introducing the pure words of What Did Jesus Say…

Conceptually this was the beginning, but nothing was going to take place without funding. No matter how attractive or the desire to launch this project together, a modern-day act of God was necessary to provide seed capital and be the confirmation to move forward.

Even a Jesus project needs financing. Researching his options, Terry had been following the success formula and patterned of the famed best seller book and movie, The Shack.  If their venture offering worked for them, why couldn’t the same formula work for our one-of-a-kind book?

The history of the Shack had an interesting story and somewhat similar in many respects and worthy of following their venture capital format. Faithfully their agreement was confirmed and Don created the project WDJS Marketing Fund with a landing page to share with his inter-circle of friends and family.

A few days later several PayPal transactions were surprisingly received and this infusion actually felt like the Lord Himself was breathing into this project.

With their hearts aligned this seems to be more than a coincidence, this appears to be predestined appointment to labor together to serve The Book, “What Did Jesus Say” to the World.

We appreciate your support and invite you to pray, purchase several versions of the book, become an affiliate and share your experience on social media, let’s together tell the world about Jesus to bring hope-to-the-hopeless.

Don and Terry