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The Book, What Did Jesus Say...

1st Edition, Colorful Paperback 20% Discount!

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We're excited with the expectation of our soon to be released 2nd edition of the book, What Did Jesus Say.

Composed using over 500 Bible verses spoken directly by Jesus and outlined in red in the New King James Bible.

Presented as a full color and beautifully illustrated 170 page paperback version with large, easy to read text.

Imagine you're walking down the beach, and you come across a crowd waiting for Jesus to appear and teach them. What would he say?

Would he talk about current religious and political conflicts, or would he speak about Love, Light, and Truth?

Join us as we go for a walk with Jesus, and listen to his words as he shares with us the Seven Messages from the Master.

Each spiritual message reveals His teachings, which will strengthen and guide you to a most peaceful life in Christ.